Welcome! My name is Erica and my practice is dedicated to assisting you on your healing journey. I believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself when given a supportive and nurturing environment. During hands-on bodywork sessions, I facilitate the body's intelligent, self-healing mechanism. With coaching, I help you break free from your unconscious habits and find confidence, direction and joy. It is an honor to support you on your path to wellness. 

Erica is wonderful to work with! I went to her at a time when I felt “stuck” - I had had lots of trauma that didn’t get processed, and my body held on to it in a way that made it hard to move forward in my life. Sometimes it even felt hard to breathe fully. Erica is kind and intuitive and even her slight touch can be very powerful. Over a few sessions, she was able to isolate areas that felt affected - for me, I felt it in my belly - and work gently and intuitively there. It’s hard to describe exactly what happens; but it feels like energy shifts and something opens up physically and psychologically. I’m grateful I was referred to her (by a dear friend who also does MFR but has moved) and I highly recommend her.
— Miles S.