I want you to feel comfortable and at ease during your session. Your unique needs are my priority and our sessions take the entire YOU into consideration, not simply your symptoms. I will gently encourage you to focus on what you are feeling in your body. Therapy is applied to areas of restriction, imbalance, and tension to eliminate pain and restore motion. I utilize a combination of modalities including John Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Aromatherapy. 


Treatments are performed directly on the skin. Please arrive clean of oils and lotion and be prepared with loose, comfortable clothing that will allow direct access to the skin while still keeping you feeling comfortable, and able to move around. Some options for treatment clothing are loose fitting shorts, a tank top/sports bra, a bathing suit, or undergarments.

Erica is amazing. I have to admit, having never had MFR (mostly a deep tissue massage kinda girl), I was skeptical that light touch therapy could provide benefit. Boy was I wrong! I originally started seeing Erica for generalized issues and TMJ/Clenching/Grinding after reading about the benefits of MFR. I noticed a difference immediately following my first session and haven’t looked back. She has also helped me tremendously after a car accident in December that left my lower back a wreck. I highly recommend Erica. She truly has a special gift of listening to you, listening to your body as she works and unraveling the imbalances she finds.
— Breanna D.


Are you unconsciously overlooking what you really want? Are your unconscious habits and patterns keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams? As a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, I will gently guide you through a step-by-step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that are holding you back from reaching you goals. 

Erica helped me, step-by-step, break down what i wanted into a measurable, actionable goal. We then addressed some of my negative beliefs and critical self-thinking patterns using essential oils, and ended with a crafted affirmative statement that I actually still repeat daily. I came out of our session with a tangible goal and tools to get there, but more importantly, a sense of possibility and confidence that I didn’t have before.

Erica is an intuitive healer and empathic listener. I am also a myofascial release (MFR) client, so I know first-hand that Erica can tap into the mysteries and wisdom of the body; she leverages that experience, combining it with essential oils and coaching to unlock a greater potential. I feel very lucky to work with her!
— -Lana P.