Healing is not an event- it is a process.
— John F. Barnes, PT

John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach


I offer a specialized form of gentle massage—myofascial release therapy—that addresses pain, tension, decreased range of motion, and stress by releasing restrictions in the fascial system. 

Fascia is the uninterrupted web of connective tissue that envelops, supports, connects, and protects every structure in the body. It exists from head to toe as one continuous, uninterrupted system. So when you injure yourself, you also injure the interconnected fascial tissue, causing it to tighten, or restrict, and dehydrate; the restrictions in one part of the body thus affect the tissue and structures in other parts, including muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels, and even your organs.

The pain you feel in your back most likely originated elsewhere in your body.


By understanding the whole-body patterns in this continuum of fascial tissue, I can apply a gentle, sustained pressure to rehydrate the system and relieve the restrictions and associated pain—pain that traditional medical tools such as x-rays  and MRIs sometimes fail to identify—throughout the body.

I enjoy seeing how positive results have allowed my clients to return to a pain-free lifestyle. It is this clear, often unexpected healing and the thrill of clients who previously lived with chronic or intermittent pain that fuel my passion for myofascial release therapy. I look forward to working with you to help you on your journey to wellness.